No. 10 (2015): Pier Paolo Pasolini in the Americas

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For the 10th anniversary of Oltreoceano and the 40th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s death, this volume explores the links between the concept of ‘migrant literature’ and Pasolini’s poetry. In their trans-crossing of landscapes and languages, both Pasolini and migrants seek contact zones between their own traditions and other customs, in an attempt to continuously reshape their personal identity, establish new connections and prompt further encounters. The various articles gathered herein provide an updated overview of the critical reception of Pasolini’s works in North and South America, where scholars are showing a renewed interest for this Friulian intellectual and the multiple facets of his works. Indeed, as the rich bibliographical references included in the four sections (Canada/Quebec, USA, Latin America and Brazil) witness, numerous are the overseas events, translations, film festivals, literary homages, critical articles and works inspired by his oeuvre or his life. Poetic homages by Italian diasporic writers have also contributed to making him known in various languages and countries. These echoes and specular allusions from the Americas disclose the contours of Pasolini’s ideas and poetry which anticipates some core problems of the postcolonial era and foregrounds an ever more contemporary transcultural utopia.

Published: 2021-12-29

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