No. 2 (2008): Migrant Writing: Women and Words Overseas

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This volume examines a myriad of literary texts from various countries to investigate the interconnections between women and writing. As both objects and subjects of narration, women have, indeed, fueled the development of literature over the centuries and have, in turn, evolved personally and collectively thanks to those literary texts. Literature has, for instance, allowed them to gain awareness of their own selves beyond the invisibility they experience within domestic walls, and has urged them to embark on journeys to faraway landscapes in spite of perils and language barriers. This special type of migration grants them the possibility to travel both through space and inward, into their innermost selves where they discover an interior order and a feminine perspective which they then project outward. Constantly looking toward the future, women have been able to establish themselves within social and political institutions and have played a key role in creating new societies, while keeping ancient traditions alive through their stories and preserving the knowledge of their ancestors. The volume collects critical essays which explore the complex and diversified world of female writing alongside the creative works of women writers who offer valuable insights into this unique universe.

Published: 2022-01-22

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