No. 5 (2011): Self-Translation in Migrant Literatures

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This volume focuses on self-translation and, in particular, on writers of Italian origin who choose to write their works in the language(s) of the countries they migrated to or they were born in from migrant parents. The aim is to investigate the reasons for which they engage in the radical choice to self-translate themselves despite the numerous problems it entails. In some cases, the reliance on self-translation entails the further challenge of confronting oneself with the difficulties of a language which is now distant to the ear, but still close to the heart because synonymous with affections and traditions. In other cases, self-translation signals the conscious acceptance of a dual cultural identity and the need to come to terms with it through a process of recreation and rewriting, not only of their works, but also of their selves and their world. Interesting are also the problems pertaining to a guiding principle that can justify or at least give meaning and (sentimental, identity, stylistic and poetic) value to self-translation. The meaningfulness of said principle is greater when it is relevant to a writer’s life experiences and literary choices. Besides dealing with the theoretical and practical aspects of self-translation, the various articles offer interesting reflections on the ‘art’ of translation and safeguard it from the inadequacy of mere ‘technical’ transcoding.

Published: 2022-01-20

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